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How long has it been since you felt AMAZING?

Whether it's been a few months or a few years, you deserve to feel happy and healthy! If you struggle to manage a specific condition, need help creating a healthy lifestyle, or your relationship with food is a roller coaster, let's discuss how I can help you get back on track to feeling balanced, happy, and healthy.

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How can I help you?

I help women get to the root cause of their health concerns.

I like to say there are two main parts to how I support women:

The clinical side: I am a Clinical Nutritionist by training, meaning I dive deep into the science around your symptoms, your health history, and your concerns. I look at the clues from your doctor's lab work, along with what you're experiencing, and most importantly, what your suspicions are to help you figure out the source of the issue so we can address it and get you feeling better. 

The behavior side: Many of us say "I know what to do, I just need to do it." I work with you on actually implementing the changes you want to make by diving deep into your motivation, your fears or friction around change, goal setting, and keeping you accountable. 

Not sure if I can help you? Email me or click the link below to set up a free 20 minute consultation to discuss!

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