Stop Blaming Yourself When a Diet Fails! What you should really be focusing on so you achieve your goals.

behavior change dieting Jul 07, 2020

As a health coach and clinical nutritionist, I've seen it....a MILLION times (only slightly exaggerating). A perspective client will come to me, feeling so low and defeated. They tell me they've done Keto, and Whole30, and Weight Watchers, and Atkins, and Paleo, and any and all other fill-in-the-blank diets that are constantly thrown out into the media as the "cure" for weight gain. They tell me they've failed. And nothing works. And they feel so hopeless. To which I reply, "friend, the diet did it's job then." 

A diet is not designed for the long haul. No. None of them. Not even that one your sister or neighbor swear by. If it was then you wouldn't be here reading this. Somewhere along the lines, a diet failed you (notice how I phrased that?). You may have seen a few pounds drop. Maybe you even saw a significant amount of weight loss. At some point though, something changed and you may have gained some, or all, or all and then some back. Do you want to know why? It's...

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