3 foods that may be leading you to hormone issues!

hormones Sep 11, 2020

Have you been feeling off lately? Do you feel like you hit a certain age and everything just started falling apart? Most likely, it's your hormones.

We all feel the effects of hormone changes- be it moodiness, hot flashes, weird smells, digestive issues, or weight gain.  What in the world do we do about it though?

As a clinical nutritionist, my goal is to always get to the root cause; and listen, sister, something is messin' with your 'mones! The place I ALWAYS start first is food (obviously I'm kind of bias in that way). The reason for this is...food, in one way or another,  is the building blocks of every cell, neurotransmitter, hormone, etc in the body. It only makes sense to start there. That's not to say that environment and other toxins can't have a huge impact. They do. But for this blog post, we are focusing on food. When someone comes to me with messed up 'mones, we first start by taking a look at their diet history and current food choices. At the root of so many...

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