5 Things You Definitely Want In Your Wellness Routine

wellness Jun 17, 2020

What is a "wellness routine" and why do I need one?

Maybe you already have one. Maybe you had one but then went through a life change and now need to find a new one. Maybe you have never had one but now you are ready to feel better and be in a good groove. Well, yay you! Let's talk about why a routine is so beneficial. 

First of all, mama's need to take care of themselves. You can't pour water from an empty cup and we are constantly being asked for a sip. What happens when our cup is empty? I can't speak for everyone but for me, it's like Satan's spawn himself emerges. I'm exhausted, easily angered, annoyed at everyone and everything, and I just want to be left alone. Nottttt exactly good qualities in a mother of 4 tiny humans.

We know it's important to take care of ourselves, so why can't we do it? Priorities, friends, priorities. Somewhere along the way, the need to take care of ourselves falls to the bottom of the list. Sometimes it falls OFF the dang list. And when...

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